E3 Challenge from Grace Chapel!

I have something exciting to share!! Pastor Jimmy, the Life Groups Pastor at Grace Chapel, with the help of other magnificent people, has created an amazing new Bible study tool!  This tool can be downloaded onto your computer or downloaded from your respected App store.  Why is this tool so special?  Allow me to share some snippets from the blog post Pastor Jimmy wrote about the App.  You can also read it in its entirety HERE. In the E3 App, you will find the following content: Key Read more [...]

Unconditional Love When You Want Conditions

Not too long ago I shared my heart and struggle that our family has been experiencing HERE.  Today I would like to talk about love.  Not just your typical, ordinary love.  Rather, a love that is deeper.... Unconditional Love............ Families are nothing short of a roller coaster.  We all experience ups and downs, trials and triumphs, sad moments and happy moments.  When something goes awry in our family, and when those we love let us down, it is human nature to want to put up a Read more [...]

Horizons 1st Grade Math Set!!!! {TOS Crew Review}

I am so excited to share with you Alpha and Omega Publications Horizons 1st Grade Math Set that I was asked to review!! When we first began homeschooling I stumbled across Horizons Math.  Okay, so I didn't actually "stumble."  I stalked The Old Schoolhouse Facebook page back in those days to watch for reviews on curriculum.  As I read numerous positive reviews about Horizons curriculum, I knew there had to be something really special about the Math curriculum!!! Not only as homeschoolers, Read more [...]

God Loves the Brokenhearted and the Drug Addicts too…..

Tonight I sat down to write a blog post on Back to Homeschool.  However, my heart and thoughts are far from that.  Recently HERE on Facebook I wrote about some issues happening in our extended family but did not go into specifics.  It is difficult to focus with a million thoughts racing through my mind.  Getting my thoughts together to blog has been pretty difficult. When I began blogging, it was my promise to my readers to remain very honest and open about my family's lives.  Deployments, Read more [...]

Apologetics Study Bible for Students

We are entering the teen years.  As I was preparing my curriculum for the upcoming school years, I decided to visit a local Christian bookstore and came across Apologetics Study Bible for Students.  I flipped through it and immediately knew this was a resource that I would love to have for our oldest!  I didn't budget the purchase so I decided to wait a couple weeks to buy this wonderful resource.  That same week I was offered a chance to review it!  They say patience is a virtue...LOL. Here Read more [...]

War Room—-The Power of Prayer.

Recently I attended a pre-screening of War Room.  If you haven't heard of this movie, allow me to share a little about this fantastic film.  The Kendrick brothers are amazingly talented men of God who have a gift and calling to bring faith-based films to the big screen.  Not only are they talented film makers, their movies are absolutely on target for Biblical doctrine. Their first movie was Fly Wheel.  This movie starred Alex Kendrick who played a used car salesman who will do anything Read more [...]

Funtastic Unit Studies-Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers!

My friends I am so excited to share another wonderful review with you! This one is a bit different then what I have shared before, Fantastic Unit Studies---Science Unit Studies For Homeschoolers! !!! So what exactly is it? Well it is a wonderful book full of Unit studies. I had never used unit studies too much in my homeschool before, but have always been interested! So I jumped at the chance for this review! The book is about 200 pages or so. This includes the introduction and an answer Read more [...]

Heirloom Productions-With Lee in Virginia {TOS Crew Review}

If you all remember from a previous review HERE, I adore books written by G.A. Henty.  Having said that, I was jumping for joy when asked to review another Heirloom Productions CD - With Lee In Virginia! I have the entire collection of G.A. Henty books that my husband blessed me with a few years back.  They are exceptional books for boys especially! With Lee in Virginia is another wonderful book in the G.A Henty collection.  For this review, I was sent the audio version of the book. Read more [...]

Passport 2 Purity

One of the difficult conversations we will have with our children is "the talk."  You know, the talk where we fumble our words and dance around the bush as we explain the birds and the bees.  Personally, I struggle with this subject and anytime it even comes close to being brought up I immediately turn red and don't know everything to say!  I am also a mom of boys so that makes it even more difficult! This next school year we are studying anatomy in-depth.  I'm already bracing myself for Read more [...]

SimplyFun {TOS Crew Review}

Our family enjoys board games.  My boys especially playing board games with one another.  When the opportunity presented itself to review SimplyFun:Expanders, I could hardly wait for it to get here! Shortly after the board game arrived, my niece came to stay with us.  This visit was perfectly times as she would be able to play the game with my oldest son for this review! About the company: Expanders is a game brought to you by SimplyFun.  This company is totally committed to bringing Read more [...]