SCOTUS, Sodom, and The Gospel…….

I have a lot to say about the SCOTUS ruling.  I am sad.  I am heart-broken over the ruling.  I am weeping for generational sins that are being passed down.  I am weeping and crying for the mockery that is being done to God's promise----the rainbow.  I am grieving for the lost. Just the other day I posted on both my personal Facebook page and my blog Facebook page HERE, a status shared by my friend Amy.  Amy is only 19 years old.  She has been raised in a family that is very active in Read more [...]

The Quiet Fight Among Women

Friendship is extremely important.  I have been blessed with a lot of wonderful friends.  Unfortunately, there is often a divide between women.  Arguing, fighting and bickering over things that are not important in the grand scheme of things.  Things such as shoes, clothes, family, potential boyfriends/husbands, children, food, weight and the list goes on.  None of which are not salvation issues. Angie says: "The enemy is having a heyday among women outside and inside the church." "We Read more [...]

SmartKidz Media

Y'all, I have an awesome review that I am about to share with you!  Finding appropriate and entertaining media for kids is a challenge.  I am thrilled to share with you SmartKidz Media. Before this review was made available to me, I had never heard of SmartKidz!  I like to think of myself as a good researcher and we have used a lion's share of homeschool curriculum over the years.   I'm still amazed that I never came across this curriculum.  What's more is that my kids love media! So Read more [...]


Thrifty Thursday

Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson

I am always looking for good, clean entertainment for our family to watch.  Currently, Bookworm (my oldest) is interested in more mature movies than Veggie Tales.  I'm not implying Veggie Tales is an immature series, Bookworm is simply getting older and his movie preference is changing.  However, a downside to more mature movies is the content.  There is content contained in some of these movies that are questionable.  We are left with the challenge to find entertainment choices for him Read more [...]

Sadie Robertsons Live Original LIVE!!!

Okay y'all!  I think you know how much I adore the Robertson family!  Much of my adoration is due to their down-to-earth attitudes.  I have met almost all of the family, became friends with some of them and they are the real deal.  What you see on their hit television show is how they really are.  You can read about my trip to Monroe, Louisiana HERE, HERE, HERE.  SHHH I will also be on the Cruise with them in October. :)They are some of the nicest folks I have ever come across. Read more [...]

Dynamic Literacy: Foundations Level 1

I am always looking for something new to review and add into our homeschool curriculum that continues to stimulate my boys' interests.  My middle son (Turtle Boy) learned to read and he is reading quite well.  He also has a new found interest in learning new words and spelling them correctly.  When I was asked to review Dynamic Literacy, I was definitely interested  to check out their WordBuild:Foundations Level One curriculum because I was not familiar with this company. I have reviewed Read more [...]

“Old Fashioned” DVD, Book, and Devotional!

The DVD Old Fashioned the DVD is about former frat boy Clay Walsh and Amber Hewson.  Clay was a former frat boy with some wild ways but he later gives up his reckless life and begins to run an antique shop in a small town.  There he was known for his "strange" theories on love, romance, and his beliefs.  Amber is a free-spirited young woman who lives a restless life moving from place to place once her "jar" is full.  She ends up renting the apartment above Clay's shop where she eventually Read more [...]

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal

Who loves field trips?  I know I do and so do my kids!  If you're like me and have you wondered what resource to use to track these field trips for homeschool purposes, look no further.  Apologia Educational Ministries has a great new resource called Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal! I am so blessed to have been able to review this resource! If given a choice between seat work and field trip, I will choose the field trip 99.9% of time!  LOL!  The field trips seem to help connect Read more [...]

Institue For Excellence in Writing {A TOS CREW REVIEW}

When the package from Institute For Excellence in Writing arrived, I was excited yet nervous, thrilled yet skittish.  The resource I received from this wonderful company is Teaching Writing: Structure and Style and Student Writing Intensive Level A.  Why so many emotions? My oldest son, Bookworm, has Aspergers.  When most people think about a child with Aspergers, they think of a child who is socially awkward and has behavioral issues.  Most people wouldn't be wrong in that assumption. Read more [...]