Heirloom Productions-With Lee in Virginia {TOS Crew Review}

If you all remember from a previous review HERE, I adore books written by G.A. Henty.  Having said that, I was jumping for joy when asked to review another Heirloom Productions CD - With Lee In Virginia! I have the entire collection of G.A. Henty books that my husband blessed me with a few years back.  They are exceptional books for boys especially! With Lee in Virginia is another wonderful book in the G.A Henty collection.  For this review, I was sent the audio version of the book. Read more [...]

Passport 2 Purity

One of the difficult conversations we will have with our children is "the talk."  You know, the talk where we fumble our words and dance around the bush as we explain the birds and the bees.  Personally, I struggle with this subject and anytime it even comes close to being brought up I immediately turn red and don't know everything to say!  I am also a mom of boys so that makes it even more difficult! This next school year we are studying anatomy in-depth.  I'm already bracing myself for Read more [...]

SimplyFun {TOS Crew Review}

Our family enjoys board games.  My boys especially playing board games with one another.  When the opportunity presented itself to review SimplyFun:Expanders, I could hardly wait for it to get here! Shortly after the board game arrived, my niece came to stay with us.  This visit was perfectly times as she would be able to play the game with my oldest son for this review! About the company: Expanders is a game brought to you by SimplyFun.  This company is totally committed to bringing Read more [...]

Modest Monday: Modesty and Tweens Part 1

My sincere apologies for the absence in Modest Monday posts.  As I posted HERE, I wanted to be more available for my family.  My goal is to slowly ease back into the weekly Modest Monday by posting at least twice per month.  I truly enjoy sharing Modest Monday, but, unfortunately, we are often so busy since Clay's return from overseas and his retirement from the military that taking pictures of myself is either difficult or sometimes an after thought.  Having said that, I hope this post was Read more [...]

Homeschool Planet {TOS Crew Review}

I know that this time of year many of us are preparing for the homeschool to start back up again! I am so excited that Homeschool Buyers Co-op allowed me to try out their Homeschool Planet Planner! I know that August is coming up fast for those who start their school year then. So what is Homeschool Planet? It is an online planner where you can record all of your families school, extra curricular activities, field trips, appointment all in one spot! I have had so many homeschool parents Read more [...]

Soldier to Civilian (Part 4) – Where Am I Now?

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of my "Soldier to Civilian" transition story.  Again, thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to read this series.  I truly appreciate the comments as well. In case you missed the first three parts of this series, you can read them HERE, HERE and HERE. The interview process for a job is nerve-racking.  What happened to completing an employment application and getting a call a few days later with a start date?  All this online Read more [...]

Devotions for a Healthier You—From Dashing Dish

Four years ago, when I was working tirelessly to shed my weight, I ran a Google search on "Christian Low Carb Recipes."  I stumbled upon a fascinating site called Dashing Dish!  What an absolute blessing the website was to me back then and continues to be even now---four years later! I have been so blessed by the founder of Dashing Dish, Katie Farrell, over the years.  Her blog not only gives me wonderful recipes and healthy eating tips, she shares her absolute love of Jesus with all her Read more [...]

Prasso Ministries {TOS Crew Review}

Part of Raising Soldiers 4 Christ is teaching, encouraging and leading our children in a daily Bible study.  We believe this is one of the most important, if not the most important, things we can pass along to help prepare our children for adulthood.  In that regard, Prasso Ministries recently blessed me with an opportunity to review their Teen Prasso Teachers Manual and Teen Prasso Homework Manual. As Bookworm (my oldest) grows and matures, it has become increasingly difficult in finding Read more [...]

CursiveLogic {TOS Crew Review}

Very few things bring more joy to my life than reviewing new products!  This next product I am introducing is one I think you will love as much as I do!  One of the most difficult subjects to find a good curriculum, especially for an older child, is cursive writing. I was sent me  CursiveLogic Workbook to review and I was blown away.  This program has that WOW factor and I can hardly wait for you to try it for yourself. :) Bookworm (my 11-year-old) has had cursive writing practice, but Read more [...]

SCOTUS, Sodom, and The Gospel…….

I have a lot to say about the SCOTUS ruling.  I am sad.  I am heart-broken over the ruling.  I am weeping for generational sins that are being passed down.  I am weeping and crying for the mockery that is being done to God's promise----the rainbow.  I am grieving for the lost. Just the other day I posted on both my personal Facebook page and my blog Facebook page HERE, a status shared by my friend Amy.  Amy is only 19 years old.  She has been raised in a family that is very active in Read more [...]