Seasonal Skirts: A Guide to Feminine Dress Throughout the Year {SPRING!!!}

I am so excited to share this new series with you all! There are 10 of us bloggers who are joining together to share "Seasonal Skirts: A Guide to Feminine Dress Throughout the Year." For many of you who have been following my blog, you have read about my path to modesty. If you haven't, you can read about it HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Unless you caught me on a sick day (either myself or one of my children), you will rarely  find me wearing something other than a skirt. The most important reason Read more [...]

Semi-Homemade Cornbread Stuffing With a Twist!!!!

My family loves this recipe! It was a dish I learned to make from my mom, then I also added more of a twist to it.  We don't eat if often, but it is amazing when we do!!! Here is what you need: 2 packages of sausage. We use Jimmy Dean Natural 1.5 packages of Craisins. I use the low sugar ones for less carbs 1-2 Onions 2 Apples 2 boxes and stuffing mix. We use Stove Top chicken flavor Preheat the oven to 350.  While that is preheating follow the stove top directions but in Read more [...]

Modest Monday: Praising God In The Storm

It is so easy to give God the glory and praise when things are going well, isn't it? Getting a promotion at work, a healthy baby, someone buying your dinner. All of these things are wonderful and we SHOULD be giving praise to our Lord for them, but what about when things are not going well? We are a military family. We've endured the long periods of separation, the financial stress from picking up and moving across country or living paycheck to paycheck, and losing friends and loved ones due Read more [...]

Foundations Tested By Fire

Welcome to another installment in Clay's Corner.  I do apologize for the long wait between my posts.  Between work and Seminary, the hours of the day seem like short minutes.  I digress.  This installment, as read in the title, is called "Foundations Tested by Fire."  Once again, grab your Bible, pull up a chair, kick back and enjoy.  All comments are appreciated. 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 says, "According to the grace of God which was given to me, as a wise master builder I have laid the Read more [...]

It’s Friday…..But Sunday’s Coming……..

A few, short months ago, we celebrated the birth of a baby, our Lord and Savior, who was laid in a borrowed manger. The precious baby, who was already the King of Kings, grew up as an ordinary child.  That precious child grew into a man who set out to preach to all the world.  He would heal the blind and set the lame to walking. He would love his neighbor and he would share the good news of his Father in Heaven with all who would listen. A few, short months ago was a wonderful Read more [...]

Part 2: How The Total Transformation Is Changing Our Life

Recently I shared part 1  of my series on How The Total Transformation Program is changing our family.  Today I would like to share some more personal details about ways that this program has helped. Once we discovered what ineffective parenting skills we had been using (they were not bad, just not affective), we immediately put threw those parenting skills out, or at least really tried hard to do so. It wasn't easy to retrain our brains to think a different way, but we kept thinking about Read more [...]

Tasty Tuesday: Egg Muffins!!!!

Today I have a low-carb favorite I want to share with you!!! This is a simple, yet delicious meal both fresh, and reheated!!! Here is what you need: 12 eggs Milk Sausage or other meat. It is wonderful with ham or bacon.  You ken get creative and add in more then one kind too! Veggies- what ever you prefer or none at all. My kids prefer them without veggies so we leave some without for them. I love zucchini in mine and sometimes I add in onions as well. You can really use what you Read more [...]

Preparing for Easter-Guest Post At Gold God’s Girls

Today I am guest blogging over at Gold God's Girls which is a ministry for teen girls.  I am going to be a monthly contributor there from here on out:). I am thrilled and excited to share with the girls my passion for our Lord and Savior! Here is a snippet of my post: This past Sunday was Palm Sunday, the Sunday leading up to Easter.  While I am not an advocate for only attending church on Easter, Easter Sunday is one of the biggest opportunities that we will have as Christians to tell Read more [...]

Modest Monday: Camping Edition

Many of you who are subscribed to my Facebook linked to this blog know my husband was gone for training. You also got to see the happy reunion pictures:). If you missed it click HERE.  Anyway, shortly after those were taken, I met up with my friend Shamberly and her son Garrett. We had a camping adventure awaiting us. My husband didn't attend this adventure because after many days of "camping out" with the Army, him returning and going camping was pretty difficult. He was exhausted because they Read more [...]

Star Chronicles: A Bible-Based Study Of The Stars

How many times have you searched for an Astronomy study only to find out that just about every single one is secular and not Creation or Bible based? I know I have been there before! Recently I was asked to be on the review team for Dawnita Fogleman's new book. I was thrilled when I learned this book had the best of both worlds - astronomy and Christ centered!!! This was going to be exciting! When I began reading the book, I was NOT disappointed! Dawnita has poured her heart and soul and many Read more [...]